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Student Materials

Here you will see a list of the materials I use in lessons. 
I do not require students to purchase all the materials,

but if you decide that you want to own your own copy, you can either order them or buy them directly from me.

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. 

Materials used in lessons:

Intelli Tuner and Metronome 

Price: $40

Click here to view this item on amazon


This is required. The student must have a device to tune the cello and a metronome is essential for practicing. 


I highly recomment the Intelli metronome-tuner combo. It also can produce and sustain every pitch in over five different octaves. This can be used as a very helpful practice aid when working on intonation. 

170 Foundation Studies for Violoncello - Schroeder

Price: $15


Etude book. 

Double Stops for Cello - Rick Mooney
Suzuki Cello Books 

Price: $10


Which Suzuki cello book I use depends on the playing level of the student. I will inform you in your lesson about which book you are in. 

Position Pieces for Cello - Rick Mooney

Price: $13


I use this book to teach students the different positions on the cello and how to shift. 

Stringvision Bow Grip

Price: $10


These things are great. I use one on my bow, too. 

Price: $10


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